Incredible Discount From Aperio Lux – All For $0.99
Kiev, Ukraine - The Aperio Lux Team are proud to announce an incredible discount on their powerful products. User can buy incredible uDesktop NEXT and powerful IconFly at an incredibly low price with 50% discount or more.

Check the full list of special prices:
uDesktop NEXT - $4.99 - > $0.99
IconFly - $6.99 - > $0.99
IconFly Desktop - $3.99 - > $0.99
IconFly Mobile - $3.99 - > $0.99
IconFly Web - $2.99 -> $0.99
Tell Note - $1.99 -> $0.99
Smart Base64 - $4.99 -> $0.99

"Happy Fourth of July! We wishing Merry Holiday for all users! And we decide make an incredible 50% discount for uDesktop NEXT, IconFly, Tell Note and Smart Base64 as gift from us. Celebrate Freedom!» said Alexey Nikitin, Aperio Lux Founder.

uDesktop NEXT allow users to choose many from thousands of HD wallpapers. Easy-to-use interface, incredible 'My Folder' and 'Surfboard' and many fantastic functions will change users judgement of how they can search wallpapers. In uDesktop NEXT users can find 36 standard categories and many other special categories in Featured section. Wallpapers are available in different resolution for everything from iPhone and iPad to the MacBook Pro with Retina display. In Featured section users can find beautiful wallpapers even for 4K and 8K display.

"uDesktop NEXT's interface is smooth and quick, and I've encountered no obvious bugginess. One can spend a lot of time browsing through the vast collection of desktop images." - Charles Moore, Apple Tell

"Una sencilla aplicacion (uDesktop NEXT) que solamente te ofrece varios cientos o miles de fondos de escritorio para tu Mac, lo cual no esta nada mal." Aitor Carbajo, Applesfera

IconFly 2.0 is the easy-to-use powerful tool for generate different type of icons from images for both OS X and iOS. The icons generated for OS X are fully compatible with the Human Interface Guidelines. Icons created by using IconFly 2.0 are fully compatible with iOS 7 as well as with previous version of iOS.

"Disponibile gratuitamente sul Mac App Store, IconFly si propone come un potente strumento per la creazione veloce di icone partendo da immagini." - Enrico Ferro, SlideToMac

"Easily the best app I've bought ever on the App Store and has really helped me" from Mac App Store

Tell Note simple and easy-to-use tool for audio recording conference, lectures, notes, etc., as well as convenient storage and listening. Perfect for business or studies! You can use Tell Note anywhere: meeting, interviews, conferences, lectures, study sessions.

"Cette appli va surtout me servir pour la Faculté où certains profs parlent vite, ce qui empêche parfois d'avoir les cours en entier. Mais là, je suis tombé sur un une appli hyper simple. En 15 secondes c'est installé, vous enregistré ce que vous voulez, vous pouvez ensuite renommer, exporter en m4a, envoyer vers iTunes et tout simplement supprimer un enregistrement en un seul clic. Simple et efficace. En plus il capte super bien, apès ça c'est peut-être une affaire de qualité su micro.» from Mac App Store

Smart Based64 the an easy to use app for converting files to base64 and back again.

"Does exactly, what it's supposed to do: Convert stuff into base64 encoded stuff and back. Super simple, working perfectly so far :)" from Mac App Store

Aperio Lux is a small private group of developers who have a contract Mac OS X Developer and iOS, located Kiev Ukraine. The Aperio Lux team develops ergonomic and user-friendly software for Mac OS X and iOS. Aperio Lux is known for their products uDesktop NEXT, deepClock, IconFly, Tell Note and Tell Note for iPad.