Rules of the initiative
The main requirement for the user is that they post the following message to their Twitter account, “I want #IconFly by @Aperio_Lux because:” and describe why you want to receive IconFly.

The initiative will be started at September 29, 2012 and will be ended at October 15, 2012 00:00 GMT.
Winners will be determined October 18, 2012.

Each user can win only once. If the user attempts to cheat, they will be banned permanently from participating in all of the Aperio Lux initiatives without an option to appeal.

The promo code which has been won in the initiative can’t be returned or exchanged for a different promo code or a monetary equivalent. It’s forbidden to sell or raffle in any other way the received promo code a second time. The promo code can be used by the winner him/herself or transferred to someone else at the user’s discretion for free.

10 promo-codes for IconFly will be raffled off. The winners will be notified via Twitter how to obtain their promo codes.
The winners of the promo action will be determined in two ways. 5 promo-codes will be randomly drawn from among all the people who have published tweets. 5 additional promo-codes will be drawn among the authors of the tweets we consider the best.

The Aperio Lux team reserves the right to decline or cancel the registration of any user without additional explanation for the reason.

The criteria for selecting the winners as well as the reason why you won or didn’t win are not subject to discussion, appeal or public dissemination, and represent information internal to the Aperio Lux Team.

When participating in the initiative, you fully agree with these rules.