Summer Sale from Aperio Lux - Discount 60% and more
Kiev, Ukraine - The Aperio Lux Team announces an incredible discounts on their popular products. Customers can buy great applications at incredibly low prices, with discount 60% and more. All applications available worldwide through the Mac App Store (except Russia). Below is the list of applications with a special Last Summer Sale price:
RSS Follower (Unlimited Package) $4.99 -> $1.99
i39 $4.99 -> $0.99

These discounts will be available on the Mac App Store starting from August 27, 2016 and ending on August 31, 2016. August 31, 2016 is the last day of the Last Summer Sale discounts. Below are the product details:

* RSS Follower (Unlimited Package):
A brand-new modern and powerful application for reading news. Designed especially for OS X, RSS Follower makes reading the news more simple and convenient. With 'Unlimited' package, user can add a lot of RSS feeds, as many as they want.

* i39:
The elegant but powerful and user-friendly iPhone ringtone creation tools for OS X. User can create ringtones from AIFF, MP3, WAV, M4A, CAF, AAC, FLAC audio files in 3 simple steps.

i39 website
RSS Follower website

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Aperio Lux is an independent team of enthusiasts and innovators from Ukraine. The Aperio Lux team develops ergonomic and user-friendly software for OS X and iOS. Aperio Lux is known for their products uDesktop NEXT, Recordam, i39, deepClock, IconFly, RSS Follower and Tell Note for iPad. For more information on Aperio Lux, visit

Alexey Nikitin