RSS Follower for Mac – Comfortable Tool for Reading and Sharing News Updated to 1.4.1
Kiev, Ukraine - Aperio Lux is pleased to inform about the release of RSS Follower 1.4.1, an update to their gorgeous application for reading news, designed especially for Mac. RSS Follower is a simple but modern application for comfortable reading the news that users can receive via RSS feeds. Users can read and share the news by using a clean and intuitive interface.

Features that added and improved in RSS Follower 1.4:
• Extend the functionality of the RSS Follower app via Actions
• Optimized and expanded notification options
• RSS Follower keyboard shortcuts
• Optimized News Browser
• Improved share in News Browser
• Flag/Unflag articles in Sidebar using swipe in El Capitan
• Share articles in Sidebar using swipe in El Capitan
• Mark articles as read in Sidebar using swipe in El Capitan
• Stability and performance improvements
• User Interface improvements

In version 1.4.1:
• French localization has been fixed
• Fixed a problem with the opening article in the news browser
• Fixed bug with deleting channel

With all the new features the application makes reading and sharing news much more comfortable than ever before.

First, optimized built-in News Browser allows users to read and share news with even greater comfort.

Second, now users can easily share articles via Twitter, Facebook or send via Mail or Message using keyboard shortcuts.

Third, Actions allow users to extend the functionality of RSS Follower.

Forth, now users can Flag, Share and Mark articles as read right in Sidebar.

System Requirements:
• Operating System: OS X 10.10 or later
• CPU: Intel 64-bit processor
• Disk Space: 7.4 MB
• Display: 1280x768 resolution or higher
• Network: DSL Internet connection or faster (broadband recommended)

RSS Follower is FREE. Available worldwide on the Mac App Store (except Russia) in the News category.
Unlimited Package is $4.99. Available as In-App Purchase for RSS Follower.

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Aperio Lux is a small private group of developers who have a contract Mac OS X Developer and iOS, located Kiev, Ukraine. The Aperio Lux team develops ergonomic and user-friendly software for Mac OS X and iOS. Aperio Lux is known for their products uDesktop NEXT, i39, deepClock, IconFly, Tell Note and Tell Note for iPad.