Christmas Sale on all applications by Aperio Lux (Discount -50%)
Aperio Lux Team offers a special Christmas discount of 50% for purchasing any our applications.
Aperio Lux creates applications which assist you in your work, help you rest and relax, enable you to personalize your Mac as much as possible.
uDesktop HD, IconFly, Tell Note and Tell Note for iPad - all of these application users can get with discount -50%.

Our apps with discount:

uDesktop HD (Discount -50%) now only $1.99

uDesktop HD is the best way for you to personalize your Mac.

The desktop is your Mac’s the business card, and it needs to look marvelous.
uDesktop HD is not just your personal wallpaper manager but a whole world of color and magic! Experience the full power and beauty of uDesktop HD. Here you can find the very wallpapers which you’ve been looking for so long and use them to decorate your desktop!

uDesktop HD have wallpaper ready for new MacBook Pro 13.3" with Retina Display (2560X1600) and for MacBook Pro 15.4" with Retina Display (2880X1800)

* The wallpapers are presented in 32 different categories which are constantly being updated.
* Resolutions: 1024X768 (iPad2 and iPad mini), 1280X800, 1280X1024, 1440X900, 1600X1200, 1680X1050, 1920X1080, 1920X1200, 2560X1600 (Mac Book Pro 13.3" with Retina Display), 2880X1800 (Mac Book Pro 15.4" with Retina Display)
* There’s a convenient system for filtering the wallpapers based on their resolution.
* There’s a section called “Calendars” which features calendars in 5 languages and 2 formats (European and U.S.)
* The “Calendar” section is updated monthly so you’ll always have a new beautiful calendar.
* We’ve implemented an amazing function which lets you upload your own images for animation to the uDesktopHD catalog. This would allow uDesktopHD to become a unified center for managing your wallpapers.
* Two animation styles and a function for random wallpaper change.
* Two independent servers. You can now download your favorite wallpapers much faster.
* The program supports up to 10 monitors!
OS X 10.8 compatible

uDesktop HD available worldwide throught the Mac App Store in the Lifestyle category.

IconFly (Discount -50%) now only $1.99

IconFly is the best way to convertion from image to Hi-Res icon for Mac apps, iPhone and iPad apps. Created ICNS and iconset fully compatible with Apple Human Interface Guadlines.

* Create iconset
* Create ICNS
* Create Folder with Icon
* Set Icon on Folder
* Save as image in next formats: PNG, JPEG, TIFF
* Parameters for rounding ICNS and iconset
* Round corner & Shine for iPhone & iPad can be added
* Create ICO file & Favicon
* Preview in Dock for Icons created for OS X

IconFly - make icon on the fly!
IconFly is a simple and convenient means of creating icons from images.
The icons generated for OSX are fully compatible with the OSX Human Interface Guidelines (Paragraph Icon Design Guidelines).
The iconset format is compatible with Xcode 4.4 and higher.
The icons generated for iOS are compatible with the iOS Human Interface Guidelines (Paragraph Custom Icon and Image Creation Guidelines).
IconFly supported next file format for creating icons: png, jpg, jpeg, tiff, gif, icns, psd, eps, ai, pdf.

IconFly available worldwide throught the Mac App Store in the Developer category.

Tell Note (Discount -50%) now only $0.99

Tell Note is the best way to make and save audio recording on-the-go.
Tell Note available for Mac and iPad.

Tell Note simple and easy-to-use tool for audio recording conference, lectures, notes, etc., as well as convenient storage and listening. Perfect for business or studies! You can use Tell Note anywhere: meeting, interviews, conferences, lectures, study sessions.

* Play the recording.
* Pause and resume record.
* Export to m4a.
* Open in iTunes.
* Output format is compatible with iPod, iPad and iPhone.
* Unlimited recording duration.
* Share has been added (Only on OS X 10.8 and later)
Share via Email, Message, AirDrop

Tell Note available worldwide throught the Mac App Store (in the Productivity) and App Store (in the Education category)

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Aperio Lux is a small private group of developers who have a contract Mac OS X Developer and iOS, located Kiev Ukraine. The Aperio Lux team develops ergonomic and user-friendly software for Mac OS X and iOS. Aperio Lux is known for their products uDesktop HD, deepClock, Tell Note, Tell Note for iPad and IconFly.