Stand With Ukraine

Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine has been going on since February 24. For the eleventh day in a row, Russian occupation forces have been bombing civilian cities and populations with aircraft, artillery, tanks, and missiles. Dozens of destroyed cities in Ukraine. Thousands of civilians were killed. Air-raid sirens have become an everyday reality in all regions of our country. The shootings and explosions in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Kherson, Odesa, Dnipro, and many other cities are Putin's idea of ​​Ukraine's "liberation," his sick idea of ​​the "Russian world." We, like all Ukrainians, feel the pain of realizing what a catastrophic abyss the aggressor is dragging us into. And we feel angry and will fight to the end!

Due to the Russian regime's war crimes and human rights violations, we ask for your support to help the people of Ukraine.

The Aperio Lux Team no longer supports customers from Russia and Belarus and no longer sells our application in Russia and Belarus.

Now we ask that you stand with us. Please support Ukraine by lobbying your governments, protesting peacefully, and donating money to support the people of Ukraine.

To help the Ukrainian Defence
Donate via the National Bank of Ukraine

To help the people of Ukraine
Donate via the National Bank of Ukraine

Glory to Ukraine!

Sincerely yours,
The Aperio Lux Team