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Tell Note for iPad


Tell Note simple and easy-to-use tool for audio recording conference, lectures, notes, etc., as well as convenient storage and listening. Perfect for business or studies! You can use Tell Note anywhere: meeting, interviews, conferences, lectures, study sessions.

Simple Record start - just click on Record button and Record will start immediately. You can playback audio recording in Tell Note as well as in standard audio player.

All audio recording created by using Tell Note compatible for playback on Mac, iPhone / iPod and iPad.

The duration in the Tell Note app is not limited. Make an audio recording for duration of 10 hours with the help of Tell Note as easily as audio recording duration of 10 minutes.


System Requirements: Intel 64-bit, OS X 10.8 or higher

Interface language: US English, Deutsch, Русский, Français

What's New

  • Fixed problem with pause when recording
  • Ready to OS X 10.10 Yosemite

Version History

For Business

Tell Note is an indispensible tool for business. Want to review the discussion about deliverables on your next project? Seek to it instantly. Need a better way to record meeting minutes? Tell Note help you.

  • Meetings
  • Conferences
  • Interviews
  • Notes
  • etc

For Education

Trying to remember what the professor had to say about an important point? Need a good way to organize notes for a group meeting? Use Tell Note and you don't have any problem.

  • Lesson
  • Classes
  • Conferences


With Tell Note you can share your audio records via

  • Email (Only on OS X 10.8 and later)
  • Message (Only on OS X 10.8 and later)
  • AirDrop (Only on OS X 10.8 and later)
  • Export to M4A
    Audio recordings created in Tell Note can be exported in a format M4A for the playback in other device or audio player.
  • Open in iTunes
    You can open your audio recording in iTunes directly under application. Audio recording will be copied to the library iTunes.