Tell Note 2 for iPad

Version 2.0

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Tell Note


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Tell Note for iPad


Tell Note is a powerful and easy-to-use recording app designed for iPad.  Powerful text notes, tags system, options for customizing the size and quality of the recordings as well as Intuitive user interface make Tell Note a perfect recording app for business or studies as well as for a daily usage.

    Recording and playback
  • Record and playback in the background
  • Record all you need with no time limit on recording
  • 5 adjustable sampling rates and 10 bit rates to manage the size and quality of the recording
  • MP4 audio format fully compatible with iTunes as well as with iPhone and iPod Touch
  • Optional forward and backward rewind interval such as 10, 15, 30, 45, and 59 seconds
    Record management
  • Quick access to recording or playback audio note
  • Rename record in any time
  • Tags system allows you to group records in 5 different categories
    Text note Format bar in text note allow you to change many parameter of text such as:
  • Font name
  • Font size
  • Font style
  • Text alignment
  • Text color
  • Highlight color
    Share via
  • Email and Messages directly from Tell Note
  • iTunes file sharing


System Requirements: iPad, iOS 8.1 and higher

Interface language: US English, Русский